40 Adjectives – Demostrative


Demonstrative Adjectives are determiners used before nouns to place objects in space and identify their position in relation to their distance from the speaker.

Below you can see the list of Demonstrative Adjectives that we use before nouns:

NEAR This These
FAR That Those


  • This car belongs to my father.
  • That boy is from Turkey.


  • These shoes are too big for you.
  • Those boxes over there are very heavy.

Usually the Demonstrative Adjective precedes a noun.

We use this (singular) and these (plural) for things and people that are near to the speaker (here).

We use that (singular) and those (plural) for things and people that are far (there).

We use Demonstrative Adjectives to identify a noun’s position in relation to its distance from the speaker. Demonstrative Adjectives differ depending on number:

  • Close to the speaker: For singular nouns we use this and for plural nouns these;
  • Far to the speaker: For singular nouns we use that and for plural nouns those.

For example:
— “This apple pie seems delicious!” = The apple pie is near the speaker.
— “That apple pie seems delicious!” = The apple pie is far from the speaker.
— “These apples are delicious!” = The apples are near the speaker.
— “Those apples look delicious!” = The apples are far from the speaker.

NOTE: Demonstrative Adjectives usually precede a noun.

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