10 Nouns – Both Genders


Nouns have three Genders: People can be Masculine (for males) or Feminine (for females), things and animals are usually Neutral.

However, we can find Nouns which are the same for Both Genders.

Below you can see a list of the most commonly used Nouns belonging to this category:

  • Cousin
  • Doctor
  • Driver
  • Friend
  • Teacher
  • Teenager
  • Student
  • My dad works at school. He is a teacher.
    My mom works at school. She is a teacher.
  • Adam likes cars. He is a good driver.
    Julia likes cars. She is a good driver.
  • My Serbian aunt is a doctor.
    My Serbian uncle is a doctor.

Generally, there are not many irregularities.

There is not a fixed rule about this irregularity, we just have to study these words and remember that they stay the same in the Masculine form as well as in the Feminine form.

There exists certain Nouns which are the same for Both Genders.

For example:
— “My mum works at school. She is a teacher.” = Teacher refers to “mum” and “she“, therefore, refers to a feminine noun.
— “My dad works at school. He is a teacher.” = Teacher refers to “dad” and “he“, therefore, refers to a masculine noun.

As you can see we use the same word to refer both to Masculine and Feminine nouns.

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