Prop Words – One & Ones


The Prop Words One and Ones are used to avoid repetition.

When we wish to use the Prop WordsOne and Ones we apply the following structures:

One: For a singular noun.
Ones: For a plural noun.


  • I would like a waffle. Just a small one with some cream and berries, please.
  • This novel is better than that one.
  • They have a new camera, it’s the one I saw in the newspaper.


  • I really like these drawings, the ones which Peter drew.
  • He needs to take new photos of her. The ones that I have taken are too dark.
  • They saw new paintings of Joanna, the ones which are at the exhibition.

We use Prop Words to avoid repeating a word which has been mentioned before.

We use One for singular nouns and Ones for plural nouns.

Usually we don’t use One/Ones with uncountable nouns.

We use the Prop Words, One and Ones to avoid repetitions. One is used to avoid repeating a singular countable noun and Ones is used to avoid repeating a plural countable noun.

The structure for using these Prop Words is:

  • When we have a singular noun we change it for One;
  • When we have a plural noun we change it for Ones.

For example:
— “She wants a phone. I want to buy her one soon.” = Singular.
— “I want to go to museums, especially to the ones that have Ottoman motifs.” = Plural.

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