Unit 2.1

Noun Gender: use


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We use nouns in masculine and feminine genders for men and women and the neutral form for things, animals, events, substance or qualities.


Words with masculine, feminine and neutral form:

  • Our boy likes football. He plays it every day.
  • Our girl likes football. She plays it every day.
  • Our child likes football. They* play it every day.

*If we don’t want to reveal the gender.

Words with both masculine and feminine form:

  • My uncle doesn’t have a telephone. He is lonely.
  • My aunt doesn’t have a telephone. She is lonely.

Words with neutral form only:

  • The bill is 100 euros. It is expensive.
  • The email address is there. It is quite long.
  • His mobile phone has broken. We can fix it in the morning.
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