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Subject Pronouns: use


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We use Subject pronouns:

  • As the subject of the verb;
  • To replace the noun phrase subject and avoid repetitions.


Subject of the verb

    • I am fast.
    • You are pretty.
    • He is short.
    • She is beautiful.
    • It is big.
    • We are young.
    • You are athletic.
    • They are fat.

To replace the noun phrase subject and avoid repetitions

    • [n/a]*
    • Andy, take off that hat, you look funny.
    • John is tall and he is also thin.
    • Maria is from Spain, she is Spanish.
    • I like the colour red, it is passionate.
    • Julia and I come from France, we are French.
    • You and Peter are always talking, you are really talkative.
    • John and Maria are fat, they eat a lot.

*Not applicable to the first person singular.

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