Unit 4.2

To have: Common Expressions: use


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 The use and meaning of the verb to have depends on the noun that follows it.

We use to have in most common expressions like:

  1. Havea dream, a drink, a meal, a rest, a shower, breakfast, coffee, dinner, lunch, tea…;
  2. Have + a bad day, a bad time, a good day, a good time, a good journey, a nice day…;
  3. Have + a conversation, a fight…;
  4. Have + a look, a try


  1. I have a shower every morning.
    I don’t have a shower every morning.
  2. Have a good journey!
    Don’t have a good journey!
  3. The two brothers have a fight.
    The two brothers didn’t have a fight.
  4. She had a look at the book.
    She didn’t have a look at the book.


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