Unit 6.1

Past Simple of To be: negative


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The verb to be is one of the verbs with an irregular past form, in their negative form, has this structure:
Subject + to be (Past tense) + not + …

  • In the negative, the auxiliary verb “did” is not used.
SubjectTo Be + not
Iwas not
Youwere not
Hewas not
Shewas not
Itwas not
Wewere not
Youwere not
Theywere not

Short form:

Past simple of To Be negationShort form
I was notI wasn’t
You were notYou weren’t
He was notHe wasn’t
She was notShe wasn’t
It was notIt wasn’t
We was notWe weren’t
You were notYou weren’t
They were notThey weren’t


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