Unit 8.1

More numbers (Bank notes)

To cover large distances, the mode of transport that stands out is the plane. Juan, Maria and Alice are in an airport in France to travel to different points on the planet. Are they going far?


Class: Tourist Boarding gate: 12
Boarding time: 12:34h Name: Juan
Departure from: Paris
Destination: Moscow
Seat: 18A Distance: 2.487 kms.

Class: First class Boarding gate: 21
Boarding time: 08:45h Name: María
Departure from: Paris
Destination: New York
Seat: 3B Distance: 5.847 kms

Class: Tourist Boarding gate: 23
Boarding time: 14:30 h

Name: Alicia

Departure gate: Paris
Destination: Sydney
Seat: 23A Distance: 16.950 kms.


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