Unit 7.1

My job (Form)

Ana has read a job offer. A Company is looking for a full-time secretary. They ask for a curriculum vitae. Ana is determined to get the job. This is the CV she sends them:

Currículum Vítae

Personal information:

  • Surname: Martínez Herrero
  • Name: Ana María
  • Address: Calle de la tranquilidad, número 11, puerta 4.
  • Phone number: 098-765-43-21
  • Email address: anamartinez@email.com

Application for:

  • Office secretary.

Professional experience:

  • Salesperson in a clothes shop (a year and four months).
  • Customer services for a telephone company (two years and three months).
  • Management secretary (three years and five months).

Education and training:

  • Graduate in Law (years 2009-2013).
  • Languages: B2 in Spanish, B1 in French.
  • Training courses in secretarial studies and customer services.


  • Knowledge of computer skills.
  • Knowledge of computer programmes and internet.
  • Friendly and respectful person.


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