Unit 10.2

What a postcard! (Postcard)

Alicia has climbed to the top of a mountain. In that place of peace and beauty she can’t help but think of her boyfriend. What will she tell him?


Hello, Juan:

I am writing you a postcard because it is more interesting than an email. It takes a long time, but I’m sure you’ll be happier to receive a postcard with a pretty photo, a stamp and all my love.

Today I am writing to you from high up, on an enormous mountain. It is cold but very peaceful. I nearly lost the pen and the stamps. It is very windy!

I hope I can stay for a while because I am very happy here, but I also miss you, so we will see each other again in two or three days.

Before that I will write you a letter. In the envelope I will send you a flower from here because I really like them and they make me think of you.

I hope I don’t fall as I go back down the mountain…



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