Unit 5.1

What is the weather like today? (Short notes)

Look at the information that is given for each season of the year. Is it the same in your country?


Winter: It is the coldest season of the year. It rains, snows and it is foggy. People must protect themselves by wearing warm clothes: jumpers so that they are not cold, an umbrella and raincoats to shield themselves from the rain.

Spring: The snowy mountains thaw and water fills the rivers. It rains, but it is also sunny. It is sometimes cold, but it does not snow.

Summer: It is the season of sun and good weather. It is hot, there is lots of light and it rarely rains. People wear light clothes: tshirts, light trousers or shorts. It is the season for wearing swimsuits to go to the beach or to the swimming pool.

Autumn: After summer, it starts to be less sunny. It rains more, but it is not very cold. Leaves fall from trees.


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