Unit 2.1

Future Simple Affirmative: use

Tenses - 2 minutes

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We use future simple, in its affirmative and negative form to:

  • Make promises;
  • Make spontaneous decisions;
  • Express hopes, opinions or predictions.

We use future simple, in its interrogative form, to ask for information about the future:

  • Making yes/no questions about people’s intentions;
  • Making wh-questions about people’s intentions.


In affirmative and negative


  • I will be there, I promise!
    I won’t go there, I promise!
  • She promises she will wear a bikini.
    She promises she won’t wear a bikini.
  • We will tell you if he shows up.
    We won’t tell you if he shows up.

Spontaneous decisions

  • I’m cold, I will put my gloves on!
    I’m not cold, I won’t put my gloves on.
  • Sure, he’ll come tonight.
    Sure, he won’t come tonight.
  • No worries, they’ll call you back.
    No worries, they won’t call you back!


  • I hope you will leave soon.
    I hope you won’t leave soon.
  • I think she will pay with cash.
    I think she won’t pay with cash.
  • In my opinion, they will buy this business.
    In my opinion, they won’t buy this business.

In interrogative

Yes/no questions

  • Will you bring your student card?
  • Will she wear her dress?
  • Will they leave a tip?


  • What will you wear tonight?
  • Where will the poor sit?
  • When will we finish these cheques?
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