Unit 11.1

Means of communication: Printed press


Habitual Editions of the Press in the United Kingdom

  • National daily newspapers publish every day except on Sunday. There are 12 of them.
  • There are also Sunday newspapers published only on Sundays. There are 11 of them.
    • Sunday newspapers may be independent;
    • Many daily newspapers now have Sunday stablemates, usually with a related name.
  • Many cities and towns have regional newspapers often published daily.

Social Behaviour Related to Reading the Press

  • People usually read their newspaper during breakfast, while drinking coffee, or in public transport on their way to work.

Establishments in which Newspapers can be bought

  • People can buy newspapers from bookshops, department stores, newspaper shops (they are commonly called newsstands) or kiosks.
  • All major newspapers have their online versions. Most of them are free but some of them require daily payments or longer subscriptions.
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