Unit 3.1

Letter: j


The letter j can have different sounds regarding the procedence of the word, though the most common sound is /dʒ/.


The letter j can be pronounced as:

Uppercase Lowercase Phonetics
J j /dʒ/
J j /ʒ/
J j /h/


j = /dʒ/

  • jail, jam, jump;

j = /ʒ/

  • bijou, jongleur;

j = /h/

  • fajitas.


J is a letter that, depending on the origin of the word they are written in, it is pronounced in a way or another.

  • The common English pronunciation of j is /dʒ/, when we place j as a voiced post-alveolar affricate . Letter g has this same sound in “giraffe”.
  • In words coming from French, the j is pronounced as /ʒ/, a post-alveolar fricative. In this case, the front of the tongue is close to the beginning of the palate, forming a gap there, leaving the tongue in the same form of a spoon.
  • In Hispanic words, the j turns into the aspirate sound /h/. In this way, the air comes out of your mouth as you say the sound, using the glottis as primary articulation.
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