Unit 5.2

Passives Voice Verbs with Infinitive + Object



The passive form expresses the idea of something or someone receiving an action or experiencing a particular event or effect. {see Passive Structure, B1 level and Passive Voice of Verbs, B2 Level}

After passive verbs, we could find the infinitive + object structure.


Sometimes we find the Object + Infinitive structure after the passive form.

This structure has this formula:

Subject + passive verb* (of saying) + to + verb + object…

We usually find verbs of saying before the to-infinitive structures.

Verbs of saying are: advise, agree, ask, encourage, expect, invite, order, persuade, promise, refuse, remind, say, tell, warn

*{See Passive structure, Level B1}


  • I am asked to deliver a private letter.
  • They are asked to make a comment about the topic.
  • The editor of the newspaper is persuaded by them to write an article about communication.


We use the Infinitive + Object with passive forms, to focus the attention on the subject, and not on the agent.

We use it also to create a more complex sentence in terms of syntax.



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