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Unit 11.1

Exclamatory Sentences


Exclamatory sentences are used to express strong feelings (anger, surprise, pain, pleasure, etc.).

Exclamatory sentences are usually introduced by “what”, “so”, “such“, etc. and they end with exclamation mark (!).

Every exclamatory word fills a different space within the sentence, that’s why exclamatory sentences change their structures depending on the exclamatory word, as follows:

SING. What + a/an adjective + singular noun + …! Subject + verb + so + adjective + …! Subject + verb + such + a/an adjective + singular noun + …!
What + adjective + plural noun + …! Subject + verb + such + adjective + plural noun + …!


Singular nouns:

  • What a nice hotel!
  • What an ugly suitcase!
  • What an amazing show!

Plural nouns:

  • What elegant glasses!
  • What amazing children they are!
  • What delicious oranges!


  • She is so clever!
  • He is so polite!
  • They are so tall!


Singular nouns:

  • You’re such a kind girl!
  • This is such an enormous country!
  • He is such a nice nurse!

Plural nouns:

  • They are such kind people!
  • These are such cute glasses!
  • These are such good seats!

We use exclamatory sentences to show strong emotions, show extremes or give emphasis.

We can use exclamatory sentences to express strong feelings (such as anger, surprise, pain, pleasure, etc.). Exclamatory sentences usually contain exclamatory words (for example: what, so and such) and are followed by the exclamation mark (!).

Depending on the exclamatory word, there are different exclamatory sentences:

  • What: Singular nouns: What + a/an adjective + singular noun + …!
  • So: Both singular and plural: Subject + verb + so + adjective + …!
  • Such:
    Singular nouns: Subject + verb + such + a/an adjective + singular noun + …!
    Plural nouns: Subject + verb + such + adjective + plural noun + …!

For example:
— “What a beautiful girl!” = We use what when we want to start with an exclamatory word.
— “You are so sweet!” = We use so because there is only an adjective and exclamation mark after the exclamatory word.
— “We are such stupid people!” = We use such because as well as having the adjective, we have a noun.

NOTE: Exclamatory words give more emphasis to the exclamatory sentence.

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