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Unit 8.2

One & Ones


One and ones are used to avoid repetition.

When we wish to use one and ones we apply the following structures:

One: For singular countable nouns.
Ones: For plural countable nouns.

We don’t use one and ones with uncountable nouns.


  • I would like a waffle. Just a small one with some cream and berries.
  • This novel is better than that one.
  • They have a new camera, it’s the one I saw in the newspaper.


  • I really like these drawings, the ones which Peter drew.
  • He needs new photos of her. The ones that I took are too dark.
  • They saw new paintings of Joanna, the ones which are at the exhibition.

One and ones are used to avoid repeating unnecessary words.

We use one and ones to avoid repetitions.

  • One is used instead of singular countable nouns;
  • Ones is used instead of plural countable nouns.

For example:
— “There is a phone on the table. Black one is mine.” = “Phone” is a singular countable noun.
— “There are 3 phones on the table. Black ones are mine.” = “Phones” is a plural countable noun.

Let’s revise this content within the [Form] section. Take a look at the [Example] section that shows its use within a context.


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