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Unit 10.2

Prepositional Phrases


Prepositional phrases are the result of the combination of the prepositions and other elements of the sentence (nouns, pronouns, gerunds).

Certain nouns are used only with specific prepositions.

The prepositions used by certain nouns are: By and on.

Prepositions are followed by nouns.


  • He loves travelling by train.
  • I believe they did it by mistake.
  • It was made by hand.


  • Where will you go on holiday?
  • She cannot meet you now, she is on the phone.
  • We were on a trip to Sweden last summer.

These nouns only take on these specific prepositions.

  • By: Car, bus, plane, train, mistake, hand;
  • On: Holiday, the phone, a trip, sale.

There are no rules of how to combine or use them. It should come automatically with time and practice.

Prepositions are important as they provide additional information about the sentence. We can use certain nouns only with specific prepositions.

  • The nouns used with the preposition “by” are: Car, bus, plane, train, mistake and hand;
  • The nouns used with the preposition “on” are: Holiday, the phone, a trip and sale.

For example:
— “We went there by plane.”
— “I am on the phone right now.

The prepositions give additional information about the subject. There is no rule regarding this topic therefore you need to learn them by heart.

Let’s revise this content within the [Form] section. Take a look at the [Example] section that shows its use within a context.


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