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Unit 9.2

Prepositions – Place – extension


Prepositions are small words that are related to another element in the sentence. They are essential because they provide additional details about the sentence.

We use the prepositions of place to locate an event in a space frame.

Following prepositions of place are used to pinpoint an event in its physical location:

  • Under
  • Next to
  • Above
  • Behind
  • Between
  • Over
  • Opposite
  • Below
  • In front of
  • Near
  1. The mountain boots are under the bed.
  2. The coat is next to the backpack.
  3. She hung a picture above the fireplace.
  4. Two people are standing behind George.
  5. The pilot stands between those two air hostesses.
  6. They hung a clock over the sofa.
  7. The bakery is opposite my father’s restaurant.
  8. The sun disappeared below the horizon.
  9. My car is parked in front of your house.
  10. She found a coin near the fountain.

The preposition of place are used to talk about the position of things in terms of location.

  1. Under (in a lower position);
  2. Next to (very close to someone or something, with nothing in between);
  3. Above (at a higher level);
  4. Behind (at the back of);
  5. Between (in the space that separates two places, people or objects);
  6. Over (at a higher level);
  7. Opposite (being in a position on the other side);
  8. Below (at a lower level);
  9. In front of (in direct view of);
  10. Near (at a short distance away).

Prepositions are important, as they are small words that are related to another element in the sentence. We use prepositions of place when we wish to pinpoint an event in its physical location.

The most common prepositions of place are: Under, next to, behind, in front of, between, above, below, over, opposite and near.

For example:
— “Valencia is near Alicante.
— “My book is between the table and the closet.

It shows the physical location of the place.

Let’s revise this content within the [Form] section. Take a look at the [Example] section that shows its use within a context.


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