Yearly planning

Yearly planning is based on the arranging of learning activities and the assessment of students’ language acquisition. Teachers will need to select a logical sequence in which to present the fields of experience, bearing in mind such factors as the students’ grade level (elementary, junior high, or senior high), the students’ proficiency level, the time allotted to the French as a second language program by the school district and the human and physical resources available.

Using the program of studies, teachers will start by selecting the fields of experience which are available to them at their language proficiency level. Then they will take into account the factors mentioned above in order to determine what kinds of educational projects or modules can be developed for the selected fields and subsequently, to order them chronologically. (See Appendix B entitled “Suggestions for Educational Projects” for some ideas.) Next, teachers will need to decide approximately how much time should be allotted to each project. It is not necessary to plan in detail all of the projects at the same time, but organizing them chronologically ensures that all of the fields of experience will be dealt with during the school year or by the end of the sub-level.

The “ Year Plans” which follow this explanation demonstrate one way of organizing the school year. This is not the only way, but it does provide an idea of how to proceed. These three year plans show how the different levels can be planned, based on the students’ cognitive level and the time allotted to the program. These yearly plans are solely for illustrative purposes and do not imply that this is the only order to follow. Rather, the teaching order for the fields of experience is up to the teacher. At each sub-level a minimum number of fields of experience is recommended for each level. Teachers need to refer to the program of studies for the required number of fields for each sub-level. In order to make a yearly plan, a blank repromaster of this year plan format appears in Appendix A.


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