56 Prepositions of Possession


Prepositions are small words that connect elements in a sentence. They are essential because they provide additional details about the sentence.

Prepositions of possession are used to express that something belongs to a person, animal or thing.


The main prepositions used to show possession are: of, with and to.
Of + nouns/possessive pronouns
With + adjectives/nouns
To + object pronouns


  • Of
    • These are the most important monuments of London.
    • Dublin is the capital of Ireland.
    • She is a friend of mine.
  • With
    • I saw a boy with brown eyes.
    • She spoke with a German accent.
    • The girl with the black hat.
  • To
    • This towel belongs to me.


We use prepositions of possession to highlight a relationship of ownership and possession:

Of is used with countries, cities, people, possessive pronouns;

With is used with physical characteristics, accents, objects/materials/animals;

To is used to express belonging (belong to).


Prepositions of possession are used to express that something belongs to a person, animal or thing. There are no rules regarding this topic, therefore you need to learn them by heart.

The main prepositions of possession are:

  • Of: with countries, cities and people, possessive pronouns.
  • With: for physical characteristics, accents, objects/materials/animals.
  • To: belonging in the expression belong to.

For example:
— “She is the girl of his dreams.” = We use of to express possession.
— “She is the girl with the piercing.” = We use with to express someones physical characteristics.
— “She is the girl that belongs to your team.” = We use belong to to express belonging.

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