Global Impact

My Language Skills offers an open platform where the content is available to the world and where cooperation, collaboration and student centered enviroment create a base for Education 4.0.

Our online platform is accessible from all over the world and the interface is extremely user-friendly allowing cooperation and collaboration as never before. By creating a community of people who can use their creativity to the best extent through our platform, we contribute to the change in global perspective on teaching and learning second language.

Our open platform will be able to expand the knowledge on how the language acquisition processes work. Teachers will re-arrange materials and new, better ways of teaching will be developed, showing also what are the trends in students’ demands and allowing us to improve the resources.

Thanks to the translations, it has never been so easy to learn a second language. The multicultural clases will no longer have just the content in the target language or in english.

We provide students with opportunities to choose between different styles of learning which are self-study, community-study or study with a tutor. No matter what their lifestyles are, the students will find tools and materials to integrate the learning of languages in their lives with us.

The traditional language school approach generates a lot of costs which are reduced with the method of language teaching we propose. We will develop our courses not only with the thought of it being used in classrooms but also considering that they can be used with self-learning (e-learning) or mixed classes (b-learning), which is designed to provide an intellectually stimulating environment.



The Books4Languages is a collaborative projects, with people from all over the world bringing their skills and interests to join in the compilation and dissemination of knowledge to everyone, everywhere.