Social Responsibility

My Language Skills offers Open Educational Resources (OERs) for teaching secondary languages, which allow people all over the world to have access to high-quality education.

Open Education Resources have potential to change the education scene, creating a new, modern way of teaching and learning, with personalised, tailor-made materials and approach. Our 5R philosophy (retain, reuse, revise, remix, redistribute) and OERs (with Creative Commons Licenses) together will provide freedom to access, cutting edge courses that could drive down the cost of university-level education and potentially disrupt the existing models of higher education. The growing number of open resources available to everybody will force the traditional educational institutions to lower their prices, which can also be done through cooperation with open resources providers, such as My Language Skills.



The Books4Languages is a collaborative projects, with people from all over the world bringing their skills and interests to join in the compilation and dissemination of knowledge to everyone, everywhere.