Artistic activities I

Artistic activities II




Diet and restaurant

Diet I

Diet II

Education I

Education II

Evaluative notions

Existential notions

Free time (Oral expression)


Geography and nature


Hello (Oral expression)

Housing I

Housing II

How are you? (Oral expression)

How many times? (Oral expression)

Hygiene and health

Identification (Oral expressions)

It’s been a long time! (Oral expression)

Job and business I

Job and business II

Life and personal identity

My City (Oral expression)

My travel (Oral expression)

Our Clients (Oral expression)

Perceptive and emotional dimension

Personal relationships

Physical appearance


Qualitative and evaluative notions

Qualitative notions

Quantitative and mental notions

Quantitative notions and geography

Science and technology

Services (Oral expression)

Services and commuting


Spare time I

Spare time II

Spatial notions I

Spatial notions II

Surfing the internet (Written transmission)

The baby sitter (Oral expression)

The birthday cake (Oral expression)

The corner shop (Oral expression)

The natural park (Oral expression)

The Purchase (Oral expression)

The Zoo (Oral expression)

Time notions I

Time notions II

Time notions III

Time notions IV


Travelling and luggage

Virus! (Oral expression)

We go out dinner (Oral expression)

We move (Oral expression)

What do you think? (Oral expression)

What’s going on? (Oral expression)

Where do you study? (Oral expression)

Work items and payment methods

Written communication