Unit 2.1

Letter: x


The letter x has can be pronounced in different ways depending on its position.


These are the different sounds of the letter x:

X x /ks/
xc XC /ks/
xh XH /gz/


The letter x:

  • x = /ks/
    • expires
    • explore
    • maximum
  • x = /z/
    • xylophone
    • xylitol
    • xenophobia
  • x = /gz/
    • example
    • exactly
    • exotic
  • xc = /ks/
    • excited
    • excuse
    • excellent
  • xh = /gz/
    • exhibit,
    • exhausted,
    • exhaust


The letter x:

  • Is usually pronounced /ks/. Except the word ‘exist’ and its derivates.
  • When it is the initial letter, x is pronounced /z/
  • When it goes before a stressed vowel, x is pronounced /gz/. Except in the words: taxation, proximity, anxious, luxurious, exogenous
  • When x goes together with c, the sound is /ks/
  • When x goes together with h, the sound is /gz/. Except the words: exhibition, exhale.


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