Unit 9.1

Uppercase letters



Uppercase letters are used in diverse contexts. Most of the times under the capitalisation process, which is the action of writing the first letter of a word in capital letters and the remaining part in lowercase letters.



  • Historical events:
    • French Revolution;
    • Industrial Revolution;
    • World War 1.
  • Institutions:
    • Cambridge University;
    • Harvard University;
    • Oxford College.
  • Political positions and political parties:
    • the Republican Party;
    • President;
    • Prime Minister.
  • Names of organisations:
    • the Red Cross;
    • the United Nations;
    • Amnesty International.
  •  With Roman figures
    • Henry VIII
    • William I
    • Richard I
  • Official Job Titles:
    • Mr Jones, Chief Executive
    • Dr Smith, Medical Examiner
    • Ms. Green, Psychologist
  • A noun which stands in for a proper noun:
    • Mother, can I have some cake?
    • Grandfather, do you want me to help you?
    • Father, are you okay?


We write capital letters for proper names of:

  • historical events;
  • institutions;
  • political positions and political parties;
  • names of organisations;
  • Roman figures;
  • Official job titles;
  • noun (family-related word) which stands in for a proper noun (like if it was a proper personal name).


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