Unit 9.1

Uppercase letters



Uppercase letters are used in diverse contexts. Most of the times under the capitalisation process, which is the action of writing the first letter of a word in capital letters and the remaining part in lowercase letters.



  • Geographical places or areas:
    • Amazon;
    • Mount Everest;
    • Paris
  • The points of the compass (NW):
    • North;
    • East;
    • South;
    • West.
  •  Planets:
    • Earth;
    • Mercury;
    • Venus.
  • Names of stars, constellations and zodiac signs
    • Aries
    • the Milky Way
    • the Sun
  • Significant days and religious holidays:
    • Christmas Day;
    • Easter;
    • Mother’s Day.
  • Proper names of religious figures (gods)
    • God
    • Mother Theresa
    • Dalai Lama
  • Dynasty names in the plural
    • the Tudors
    • the Godwins
    • the Lancasters
  • Quotes
    • She said: “I like you”.
    • He wrote: “Lost”.
    • They said: “No”.


We capitalise the first letter:

  • In Geographical places or areas
  • Of the name of the planets
  • Of the names of starts and constellations
  • Of the zodiac signs
  • Of the points of the compass
  • To name significant days and religious holidays
  • Names of religious figures
  • Dynastic names
  • In quotes, after the quotation marks


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