Unit 8.1

Cardinal numbers: Thousands


Cardinal numbers give information about how many people or things there are.

Thousand numbers go from 1 000 to 999 999.


The thousand numbers have one thousand as its base.

  • Plain form: number + 000. We separate the three last digits with a comma.
  • Their name is: how the number in the beginning is called + thousand
  • 1000 can be called ‘one thousand’ or ‘a thousand’.
  • After the thousand number, the other numbers need to be mentioned as normal (hundred number & ten number)
Thousands from 1,000 to 9,000 Thousands+hundreds
one thousand one thousand one hundred
two thousand one thousand two hundred
three thousand one thousand three hundred
four thousand one thousand four hundred
five thousand one thousand five hundred
six thousand one thousand six hundred
seven thousand one thousand seven hundred
eight thousand one thousand eight hundred
nine thousand one thousand nine hundred





  • 1,000 (one thousand)
  • 3490 (three thousand four hundred and ninety)


We normally use the singular form of the numbers  Рwhen we are naming a concrete figure.

We use the plural form of thousands when we are not speaking about a concrete number, but in general terms. We don’t even use a whole number for that:

  • Thousands of + noun

As these numbers are pretty long, there are generally written in figures, otherwise, the message it will be too long and easy to be misunderstood.


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