Unit 7.1

Fractions and decimals

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Fractions and decimals represent a numerical quantity


  • Regular fractions

a cardinal number + an ordinal number in the plural (except for the number 1)

2/3two thirds
  • Irregular fractions
1/4a quarter
1/2a half
3/4three quarters
  • Writing fractions

Fractions may be written in two ways:

  • Decimals
0.5point five/ nought point five/ zero point five
0.25point two five/ nought point two five/zero point two five
0.333point three three three/ nought point three three three/ zero point three three three


  • The fat content of this product is two thirds.
  • They held the post for two and a half years.
  • We’re only talking a quarter million.


We use fractions and decimals in science and everyday life.

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