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In the English language there are 8 different diphthongs.


Below you can read the phonetic transcription of diphthongs:

  1. ɑɪ
  2. ɔi
  3. ɪə
  4. ʊə
  5. əʊ
  6. ɑʊ


  1. eɪ:
    face, great, safe;
  2. ɑɪ:
    kind, might, nice;
  3. ɔi:
    boy, choice, oil;
  4. ɪə:
    career, fear, here;
  5. eə:
    care, there, where;
  6. ʊə:
    cure, poor, sure;
  7. əʊ (oʊ):
    low, know, phone;
  8. ɑʊ:
    brown, cow, how;


Diphthongs don’t have a written form as their sounds. We use diphthongs to categorise different pronunciations.

Diphthongs are different by digraphs because digraphs are formed by two letters that are pronounced together as a unique sound. Diphthongs are two vowel sounds that occur consecutively and are pronounced as two different vowels but are not separated by a syllabic break.

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