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Some of the diphthongs may be composed with one more vowel and form a triphthong.

In the English language there are 8 different triphthongs.


Below you can read the phonetic transcription of triphthongs:

  1. eɪ + ə
  2. ɑɪ + ə
  3. ɔi + ə
  4. əʊ + ə
  5. ɑʊ + ə


  1. eɪ + ə:
    layer, mayor, player;
  2. ɑɪ + ə:
    admire, fire, hire;
  3. ɔi + ə:
    lawyer, royal, soya;
  4. əʊ + ə:
    lower, slower, owner;
  5. ɑʊ + ə:
    power, tower, hour.


Triphthongs are three vowel sounds that occur consecutively and are pronounced as three different sounds but are not separated by a syllabic break.

We use triphthongs when we add an “ə” at the end of some of the 8 diphthongs. The addition is only in speech as there is no form to put across the sound on paper.

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