Unit 11.1


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The semicolonis a punctuation mark, something between a full stop and a comma. It is stronger than a comma but weaker than a full stop.



  1. In lists with internal commas
    • The supermarket has dairy on the lower level; meat and vegetables on the ground floor; cosmetics on the first floor.
    • The school has whiteboards in the new classrooms; blackboards in the old classrooms; screens in lecture halls.
    • I own a house in California; a flat in New York and castle in London.
  2. In elliptical constructions
    • In 2005 MLS had one office; in 2030, almost 10.
    • Some students brought food; others, drinks; yet others, napkins.
    • Some children have both parents; some, one parent; some, none.


  1. In lists with internal commas
  2. In elliptical constructions
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