Unit 11.1

Question mark


The question mark is a punctuation mark that is used to indicate a question.


The question mark is: ?


  • Common question
    • What is your name?
    • Do you speak Italian?
  • Question formed of a noun phrase
    • The black cat?
    • My son?


The question mark is used at the end of a sentence to indicate that the sentence is a question.

A question normally has all the elements that any common sentence has: subject, verb, complements of the verb. However, it can also be formed by a noun phrase, that is, a phrase whose main element is the noun and the rest are pronouns, determiners or complements of the noun.


In English, besides Question mark, we have The Slash, Symbols, Exclamation mark, Comma, Colon and Semicolon.


External link to Question mark exercises (1179).