Unit 11.1

Dot: Point


The dot has got three names (a dot, a full stop, a point) and several usages according to the each subtype.
Here we are focusing on the usages of the point only.


The mark ‘.‘ has different names, according to where it is used.

  • Dot
  • Point
  • Full stop

In this section, we are only speaking about the point.


  • Decimals
    • 6.5
    • 1.25
    • 10.8
  • Large numbers
    • 7.849
    • 1.000.000
    • 3.832.864
  • in the time
    • 8.23
    • 9.45


We use a point:

  • To separate the unities from the decimals in a fraction;
  • In large numbers between every three digits beginning from the end, to spearate thousands, hundreds and unities. (Telephone numbers and years are not separated);
  • To express the time: the point is placed between the number of hours and minutes.
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