Unit 10.1



Abbreviations are shortened or contracted forms of words or phrases.


Though abbreviation is the general term, there are different types. In this case we are speaking about contractions.

  • Contractions are abbreviations in which the letters in the middle of the word have been removed.

To form the plural version, the word is added a -s in the end, as in drs (doctors).


    • Dr
    • Mr
    • km
    • am / pm


We use abbreviations to save time and space when writing (and sometimes when speaking too).

The abbreviations shown in this section are typical in common conversations

  • To refer to people in a formal way: doctor (dr) or mister (Mr).
  • We use ‘km’ to substitute ‘kilometer’ when we are referring to speed or length.
  • We use ‘am’ and ‘pm’ to express the time before and after midday. It comes from ‘ante meridiam’ and ‘post meridiam’.


External link to Abbreviations exercises (1196).