Unit 4.1

Letters: c, k

Sounds and letter - 1 minute

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The letters c and k can both be used to express the sound /k/.


There are some rules to help you understand in which cases we use “c” and in which “k”.
The use depends on the position of these letters inside the word.


  1. C:
    1. cat, clock, cost, crunchy, cut;
    2. topic, music, logic.
  2. K:
    1. kettle, kid, freaky;
    2. neck, back, clock.


  1. We use “c”:
    1. before letters a, l, o, r, u;
    2. at the end of words.
  2. We use “k”:
    1. before the letters e, i, y;
    2. at the end of the words after c.

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