Unit 11.1

Question Mark


The question mark is a punctuation mark that is used to indicate a question.


The question mark is: ?


  • Interrogative adverbs
    • When?
    • Who?
  • Possessives
    • -They have stolen your phone. +Mine?!
    • -The blue project won the competition. +Ours?
  • Personal pronouns
    • Who do you think willg et the best mark? You?
    • -There was a fight and they were involved. +They???
  • Demonstratives
    • We need to stop near the bridge. There?
    • i don’t know which jackets did Mary want me to take. These?


Any type of sentence can be used to create a question. Sometimes, it is only composed by a pronoun and the question mark. The pronouns we use the most in questions are interrogative adverbs, but we can also distinguish between possessives, personal pronouns or demonstratives.


External link to Question Mark exercises (1199).