Unit 2.1

Letters: F-V


The consonants f and v represent labiodental fricative consonants, respectively voiceless and voiced.


F and v are represented in written and spoken English like this:

Uppercase Lowercase Phonetics
F f /f/
V v /v/


f: face, five, benefit, self, of;
v: vanilla, vase, seven, avocado.


The letters f and v are labiodental fricative consonants that are pronounced when the teeth come in contact with the lower lip. Then, the amount of air released by the mouth is restricted and a friction sound is produced. 

They differentiate because:

  • f is voiceless, so the vocal cords do not vibrate during the articulation of the consonant;
  • v is voiced, the vocal cords vibrate during the articulation of the consonant.


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