Unit 6.1

Letters: L, R



The letters l and r represent liquid consonants, the former is lateral and the latter is rhotic.


The sounds of letters l and r are:

Uppercase Lowercase Phonetics
L l /l/
R r /r/


l: language, late, long.
r: right, ring, ruler.


L and r are liquid consonants, pronounced when the tongue closes partially the mouth, though not limitating the flow, so there is enough air to cause friction.

In lateral sounds (l), the the tip of the tongue is pressing against the gum (the roof of the mouth), forming a spoon with the whole tongue.

  • l is voiced, so the vocal cords vibrate during the articulation of the consonant;

Rothic sounds (r) keep the tip of the tongue downwards and the middle part of the tongue is raised. The tip vibrates when the flow of air passes through the mouth, and there is the sound produced.

  • r is voiced because vocal cords vibrate during the articulation of the consonant.
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