Unit 4.1

-y + suffix


When a word finishes in -y and a suffix is added, the letter y changes to i in some cases.


Suffixes are small words or syllables which we add at the end of a word to form a new word, a new tense or to form comparatives and superlatives.

In this case, we deal with words ending in:

  1. vowel + y;
  2. consonant + y.


1. Y after a vowel:

  • buy – buyer;
  • pay – paying;
  • play – player.

2. Y after a consonant:

  • beauty – beautiful;
  • eighty – eightieth;
  • lazy – laziness.


  1. When we add a suffix (-ed, -ing, – er) to a word with a vowel followed byyat the end, the y stays unchanged;
  2. When we add a suffix (-ed, -er, – ful, -ly, -ness, – eth, -es) to a word with a consonant followed byy at the end, the y must change to i.


External link to -y + suffix exercises (1236).