1 Cardinal Numbers


Cardinal numbers are used to express the quantity of something.


We usually place a cardinal number before or after a noun:

  • 0 – Zero
  • 1 – One
  • 2 – Two
  • 3 – Three
  • 4 – Four
  • 5 – Five
  • 6 – Six
  • 7 – Seven
  • 8 – Eight
  • 9 – Nine
  • 10 – Ten


  • I have one cat.
  • The metro is leaving from line three.
  • We need five apples to make an apple pie.


We use cardinal numbers to express a general number of people, animals or things (to talk about how many of those things there are).


Cardinal numbers are used to express the quantity of things, people and animals. These numbers are usually placed before or after a noun.

Cardinal numbers are: zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.

For example:
— “One car.” = 1 car.
— “Two cars.” = 2 cars.

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