Unit 6.2

Artistic activities I

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18.3. Architect, sculpture and painting
art fair
art show
architectural style
sculptural style
pictorial style
architectual work
sculptural work
pictorial work
architectural ensemble
sculptural ensemble
pictorial ensemble
Roman art
gothic art
barroque art
impressionist art
expressionist art
cubist art
abstract art
roman style
gothic style
barroque style
impressionist style
expressionist style
cubist style
realist style
abstract style
bronze statue
marble statue
clay statue
bronce sculpture
marble sculpture
clay sculpture
monumental city
monumental ensemble
monumental zone
to make a sketch
to make a plan
to do a design
to draw a sketch
to draw a plan
to draw a design
to paint with oils
to paint with watercolours
to develop a style
to imitate a style
18.5. Photography
artistic photography
abstract photography
scientific photography
studio photography
to focus
to press the button
to shoot
to develop a photo
to develop a reel
to frame
to blow-up
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