Accessibility, Work and Housing

Artistic activities I

Artistic activities II

Clothing and hygiene

Correction, Work and Industry

Dimensions, personal identity and relations

Documentation, Services, Economy, Army

Education I

Education II

Education III

Evaluative notions and spare time I

Evaluative notions and spare time II

Existential and mental notions, philosophy

Existential and time notions I

Existential and time notions II

Existential and time notions III

Existential and time notions IV

Existential, time and evaluative notions I

Existential, time and evaluative notions II


Food and Drinks

General time references

Geography and Nature I

Geography and Nature II

Housing and Geography

Housing, Services and Shopping

Information and Media

Law and justice

Media and Technology

Notions and physical dimension

Notions services and Health

Notions, Food and Agriculture I

Notions, Food and Agriculture II

Perceptive and emotional dimension

Perceptive and emotional dimension, Health

Perceptive, Location and Colouring

Personal Relations

Personal values, spare time, music

Physical dimension and Health

Qualitative and evaluative notions, Science

Qualitative notions and Health

Qualitative notions, accessories and hygiene

Qualitative notions, lifestages and relations

Quantitative and qualitative notions, Science

Quantitative notions

Quantitative notions and Economy

Quantitative notions,Shopping and Marketing

Recipes, Restaurant and Agriculture

Science and technology, Literature

Science, Geography and Nature

Services and Economy

Social Conduct, Geography and Philosophy

Social services and politics

Society and religion

Spatial notions and physio-emotional dimension

Spatial notions I

Spatial notions II

Spatial, Physical and Mental dimension

Speed, Distance, Consistency, Resistance

Time notions



Travelling and Transport

Verbal Expression

Work I

Work II