Unit 3.1

Information and Media

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9.1. Information and communication
telephone communication
audiovisual communication
written communication
radio communication
reliable communication
official communication
unoficial communication
last minute communication
realiable news
official news
unofficial news
last minute news
to comment
to communicate
to declare
to announce
to think
to maintain communication
to maintain contact
to establish communication
to establish contact
to communicate personally
to communicate daily.
to communicate orally.
to communicate in writing
to formulate a question
to formulate a criticism
to know about a rumour
to know a detail
to find out news by chance
to find out news by chance
to find out news through the press
9.2. Written correspondence
application form
complaint letter
confidential leter
private letter
official letter
to write a letter by hand
to type a letter
to write a letter on the computer
to validate a letter
to validate a package
to deliver a letter
to deliver a telegram
to deliver a message
to deliver by hand
to open post
to receive post
to deliver post
to send post
to pick up the post
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