Unit 10.1


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14.3.5. Aerial transport
cabin crew
shuttle route
aerial transport
aerial accident
charter flight
direct flight
flight with stopover
national flight
regular flights
to pilot
to announce a flight
to cancel a flight
to be late (flight)
14.4.1. The highway code
(traffic) sign
license points
driving rules
driving license
approved helmet
approve seatbelt
approved seat
give way sign
parking prohibited
no turning
obligatory direction
prohibited direction
dangerous corner
dangerous crossing
to put on a seatbelt
to put on a helmet
to park in a blue zone
to park in a green zone
to park in a prohibited zone
to renew driving license
to renew driving license
to reduce speed
to increase speed
to fine
to pay a fine
to give way
to overtake
14.4.2. Incidents related to driving
to lose control
to get a puncture
to have a puncture
to run out of petrol
to have no brakes
to be an accident
to hit
to hit something
to go off the road
14.4.3. Repair and maintenance
tow truck
roadside assistance
spare wheel
annual check
periodic check
in depth check
to change oil
to change a wheel
to change a part
to fix a puncture
to have a guarantee
14.4.4. Insurance
to pay insurance
to get insurance
to have the car insured
to have insurance
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