Unit 2.2

Work II

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7.4. Unemployment and job searching
job offer
National Employment Institute
letter of dismissal
to rise (unemployment)
to rise (unemployment)
to lower (unemployment)
to lower (unemployment)
to grow (number of unemployed)
to increase (number of unemployed)
to decrease (number of unemployed)
to be in a selection process
to participate in a selection process.
to call somebody for an interview
to ask somebody for an interview
to hire somebody
to get a job
to get a position
to get a job
to renew a contract
to lose a job
to be fired
to be unemployed
to get compensation
to have good references
to have bad references
7.5. rights and work obligations
flexible hours
working day
work day
working day
day off
company committee
company representative
contract clause
collective bargaining agreement clause
social security contribution
to contract
to be contracted
to be on a trial period
to pass the trial period
to earn a salary
to earn a fixed salary
to get a payslip
to get a bonus
to get overtime
to get an advance
to get a comission
to claim expenses
to get a reasonable salary
to get a ridiculous salary
to pay social security
to have a day off
to ask for a day off
to ask for a raise
to ask for promotion
to ask for an advance
to ask for a day's leave
to ask for early retirement
to have an accident at work
to prevent stress
to prevent accidents at work
to be on paternity leave
to be off sick
to defend
to be on strike
to be retired
to retire
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