Unit 7.1

Education III

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6.6. Studies and degrees
professional training
to study at primary level
to study at secondary level
to study at university level
to have been to primary school
to have been to secondary school
to have been to universiry
to graduate
to get a degree
to get a PhD
to write a thesis
to have a degree
to have a diploma
to have a PhD
to specialisein
to be a business graduate
to be a philology graduate
to have a business PhD
to have a philology PhD
to abandon studies
to stop studying
to continue studying
to finish studying
6.7. Classroom language
to raise doubts
to resolve doubts
to use a formula
to work out a rule
to follow a rule
to analyse a topic
to debate a topic
to argue a topic
to consult a book
to consult an encyclopedia
to consult the internet
to consult a grammar book
to make a summary
to write a commentary
to do an experiment
to make a chart
to make a table
to give a presentation
to present aproject
to get to your feet
to go out to break
to take the register
to be punished
6.8. Education material and classroom furniture
ink cartridge
overhead projector
squared paper
poster board
highlighter pen
fine point pen
thick point pen
to put up slides
to put up slides
to project a slide
to project a slide
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