Unit 1.2

Adjectives used only in Predicative Position

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Adjectives are determiners that can be placed in two different positions within a sentence to modify or describe a person or a thing.

Some adjectives are only used in the predicative position.


Predicative adjectives are adjectives that appear after some verbs.

The most common predicative adjectives are: afraid, alike, alone, ashamed, asleepawake, aware


  • I am afraid of the future.
  • He’s been asleep up to now.
  • John and Tim look alike.
  • She enjoys being alone at the moment.
  • They felt ashamed at that time.
  • Is the baby still awake?
  • I am aware of her lack of punctuality.


We use some adjectives only in predicative position to modify or describe a person or a thing.


When an adjective is placed after a verb, it is called a predicative adjective.

Some adjectives can only be predicative such as: afraid, asleep, alike, alone, ashamed, awake, aware

For example:
— “He wasn’t aware of his surroundings.” = Aware of can only be used as a predicative adjective.

Let’s revise this content within the {Form} section. Take a look at the {Example} section that shows its use within a context.

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