Active Voice

Adjective and Noun Collocations

Adjectives + To Infinitives

Adjectives used only in Attributive Position

Adjectives used only in Predicative Position

Adverbial Subordinate Clauses

Adverbs of Degree: Intensifiers

All vs Every vs Each

Another vs Other vs The other

Attributive and Predicative Adjectives

Auxiliary use of Need

Auxiliary Verbs

Before as Conjunction

Cause and Effect Conjunctions

Clauses of Purpose

Collective Nouns

Comparative Correlative Clause: The… the

Compound Nouns for Jobs

Concessive Clauses – Part 1

Concessive Clauses – Part 2


Correlative Conjunctions – Part 1

Correlative Conjunctions – Part 2

Decimal Numbers

Degree Modifiers with Superlatives

Do: Auxiliary verb

Each other and One other


Exclamatory Sentences

Future Continuous

Generic Pronoun You

Gerunds as Complements

Gerunds as Object

Gerunds as Subjects

Gerunds vs Present Participles

Have: Auxiliary verb

Inanimate Possessive Case in Time Phrases

Indefinite Pronouns

Independent and Dependent Clauses

Indirect Closed Questions

Indirect Orders

Indirect Questions

Irregular Plural Nouns: Borrowings

May and Might: Modals of Possibility

Modals May and Might in the Past

Modifiers of Comparisons

Must and Cannot: Modals of Deduction

Must vs Have to

No vs Not

Non-Gradable Adjectives

Omission of Articles

Omission of Relative Pronouns

Order of Adjectives

Passive Structure

Past form of Will

Past Perfect

Phrasal Verbs

Possessive Case with Double Genitive

Possessive Case without Objects

Predictions with Will and To Be going to

Prepositions after verbs, adjectives and before nouns

Present and Past Emphatic Tenses

Present Perfect Continuous

Probability with Likely and Unlikely


Revision Topics 1-6

Revision Topics 7-11

Second Conditional

Some and Any

Subject and Verb Agreement

Temporal Clauses

There has been and There have been

There, It

Third Conditional

Time words

To Be: Auxiliary verb

Used to vs To Be Used to vs To Get Used to

Uses of the Number Zero

Verbs and Prepositions Collocations

Wh- Questions in Future Form

Yes or No Questions in Future Form