Unit 7.2

Exclamatory Sentences


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Exclamatory sentences are used to express strong feelings (anger, surprise, pain, pleasure…).


Exclamatory sentences usually start by how, so, such, what and they end with an exclamation mark (!).

Each exclamatory word has different possible structures:

1. How

Both singular and plural:
How + adjective + …!
How + adjective/adverb + subject + verb + …!
How + subject + verb + …!

2. So

Both singular and plural:
Subject + verb + So + adjective + …!

3. Such

Singular: Subject + verb + Such + a/an + adjective + singular countable noun + …!
Plural: Subject + verb + Such + adjective + uncountable/plural noun + …!

4. What

Singular: What + a/an + adjective + singular countable noun + …!
Plural: What + adjective + uncountalbe/plural noun + …!


  • How nice!
  • How hot it is!
  • How you two have grown!
  • He is so polite!
  • You’re such a kind girl!
  • These are such good seats!
  • What a nice hotel!
  • What elegant glasses!


We use exclamatory sentences to show strong emotions, show extremes or to emphasise something.


We can use exclamatory sentences to express strong feelings.

Exclamatory sentences usually contain exclamatory words (how, so, such and what) and they end with an exclamation mark (!).

For example:
— “How beautifully you sing!
— “You are so sweet!
— “We are such stupid people!
— “What a beautiful girl!

NOTE: Exclamatory words give more emphasis to exclamatory sentences.

Let’s revise this content within the {Form} section. Take a look at the {Example} section that shows its use within a context.

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